Vol. 35, January 2019, No. 1
1 Estimation of Fecundability in Bayesian Approach using Different Loss Functions Chandan Kumer Podder View
2 Optimum Stratification by two Stratifying Variables using Mathematical Programming Faizan Danish and S.E.H. Rizvi View
3 On the Generalized Log Burr III Distribution: Development, Properties, Characterizations and Applications Fiaz Ahmad Bhatti, Azeem Ali, G.G. Hamedani and Munir Ahmad View
4 Generalized Absolute Mean Strong Ergodicity of Nonhomogeneous Markov Chains Waqas Anwar and Yang Weiguo View
5 Asymptotic Properties of Maximum Pseudo-Likelihood Estimators of GPD Model Parameters with Interval Censoring Meghlaoui Dakhmouche and Bahi Oussama View
6 Discrete Modified Inverse Rayleigh Distribution Noor Shahid and Rashida Raheel View

Vol. 34, November 2018, No. 6
1 A New Three-Parameter Frechet Distribution: Properties and Applications Mahmoud M. Mansour, Enayat M. Abd Elrazik, Emrah Altun, Ahmed Z. Afify and Zafar Iqbal View
2 Long-Term Survivor Model with Alternative Links in the Cure Diego I. Gallardo, Heleno Bolfarine and Antonio Carlos Pedroso-De-Lima View
3 Topp-Leone Mukherjee-Islam Distribution: Properties and Applications Amer Ibrahim Al-Omari and Mohammed Mahmoud Gharaibeh View
4 A New Weibull-Lomax (T-X) Distribution & Its Application Sharqa Hashmi and Hina Gull View
5 Extended Poisson-Exponentiated Weibull Distribution: Theoretical and Computational Aspects Mohamed K.A. Refaie View

Vol. 34, September 2018, No. 5
1 Estimation of Parameters of Two Parameter Exponentiated Gamma Distribution using R Software Afaq Ahmad, S.P Ahmad and A. Ahmed View
2 Remark on the EIWG and BGIWG Distributions and their Characterizations G.G. Hamedani View
3 Bayesian Analysis of Unit Root Testing for Panel Data Time Series Model in the Presence of Time Effect Jitendra Kumar, Umme Afifa and Anoop Chaturvedi View
4 Classical and Bayesian Estimation of Scale Parameter in Weighted Nakagami Distribution using Real Life Data Sets Sofi Mudasir and S.P. Ahmad View
5 Exponentiated Generalized Inverse Rayleigh Distribution with Applications in Medical Sciences Kawsar Fatima, Saima Naqash and S.P. Ahmad View

Vol. 34, July 2018, No. 4
1 Characterization and Bayesian Inference for Exponentiated Generalized Standard Inverse Exponential Distribution Kawsar Fatima and S.P. Ahmad View
2 Robust Within Group Estimator for Fixed Effect Panel Data Shelan Saied Ismaeel and Habshah Midi View
3 Additive Shared Inverse Gaussian Frailty Model Arvind Pandey, Lalpawimawha and Shashi Bhushan View
4 On Development of Four-Parameters Exponentiated Generalized Exponential Distribution Bukoye, Abdulwasiu and Oyeyemi, G.M. View

Vol. 34, May 2018, No. 3
1 The Kumaraswamy Exponentiated Frechet Distribution Mahmoud M. Mansour, Gokarna Aryal, Ahmed Z. Afify and Munir Ahmad View
2 A Generalized Weighted Maxwell Distribution: Properties and Estimation Aamir Saghir and G.G. Hamedani View
3 A Note on Product Generalized Pearson Type VII Distribution Hafiz Muhammad Salman, Zafar Iqbal, Azeem Ali and Munir Ahmad View
4 Discrete Inverse Weibull Beta Model: Properties and Applications in Health Science B.A. Para and T.R. Jan View
5 The Marshall-Olkin Generalized G Poisson Family of Distributions Mustafa C. Korkmaz, Haitham M. Yousof, G.G. Hamedani and M. Masoom Ali View

Vol. 34, March 2018, No. 2
1 Newly Proposed Estimator for Ridge Parameter: An Application to the Nigerian Economy Adewale F. Lukman and Arowolo Olatunji View
2 Transmuted Size-Biased Exponential Distribution and Its Properties Ijaz Hussain, Zaheer Abbas and Zahoor Ahmad View
3 Generalized Multivariate Exponential Type (GMET) Estimator using Multi-Auxiliary Information under Two-Phase Sampling Ayesha Ayaz, Zahoor Ahmad, Aamir Sanaullah and Muhammad Hanif View
4 Coding Theorems on New Additive Information Measure of Order ? Ashiq Hussain Bhat and M.A.K. Baig View
5 Two Parametric New Generalized Average Code-Word Length and Its Bounds in Terms of New Generalized Inaccuracy Measure and Their Characterization Ashiq Hussain Bhat, Mohd Javid Dar and M.A.K Baig View
6 Ranked Set Sampling Approach for Estimating Response of Developmental Programs with Linear Impacts under Successive Phases Girish Chandra, Rajiv Pandey, D.S. Bhoj, Raman Nautiyal, Jawaid Ashraf and Med Ram Verma View

Vol. 34, January 2018, No. 1
1 New Approach to Improve Anomaly Detection using A Neural Network Optimized by Hybrid ABC and PSO Algorithms Waheed Ali H.M. Ghanem and Aman Jantan View
2 The Odd Lindley BURR XII Distribution with Applications T.H.M. Abouelmagd, Saeed Al-mualim, Ahmed Z. Afify, Munir Ahmad and Hazem Al-Mofleh View
3 Modeling Cesarean Versus Natural Birth Data with Suspicious Zero Counts Should Be A Prelude to Healthcare Cost Analysis Anwar Hassan, Peer Bilal Ahmad and Ramalingam Shanmugam View
4 Statistical Features Extraction for Character Recognition using Recurrent Neural Network Saeeda Naz, Arif I. Umar, Saad B. Ahmed, Riaz Ahmad, Syed H. Shirazi, M. I. Razzak and Amir Zaman View
5 Weighted High Leverage Collinear Robust Ridge Estimator in Logistic Regression Model Syaiba Balqish Ariffin and Habshah Midi View
6 Estimation and Prediction for Nadarajah-Haghighi Distribution based on Record Values Mahmoud A. Selim View

Vol. 33, November 2017, No. 6
1 A Modified Approach for Estimating Process Capability Indices using Improved Estimators Senem Sahan Vahaplar and Ozlem Ege Oruc View
2 Bayesian Analysis of Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution under Different Loss Functions and Prior Distributions A.A. Dar, A. Ahmed and J.A. Reshi View
3 Portfolio Selection Using Ant Colony Algorithm and Entropy Optimization Mohamadtaghi Rahimi, Pranesh Kumar and Gholamhossein Yari View
4 Properties of the Four-Parameter Weibull Distribution and Its Applications T.H.M. Abouelmagd, Saeed Al-mualim, M. Elgarhy, Ahmed Z. Afify and Munir Ahmad View
5 Beta Generated Kumaraswamy-G Family of Distributions Laba Handique, Subrata Chakraborty and M. Masoom Ali View
6 Transmuted Weighted Power Function Distributions: Properties and Applications Al Mutairi Alya O. View

Vol. 33, September 2017, No. 5
1 Weibull Burr X Distribution Properties and Application Noor A. Ibrahim, Mundher A. Khaleel, Faton Merovci, Adem Kilicman and Mahendran Shitan View
2 Discrete Generalized Weibull Distribution: Properties and Applications in Medical Sciences B.A. Para and T.R. Jan View
3 Generalized Difference-Cum-Exponential Estimator in Adaptive Cluster Sampling Muhammad Shahzad Chaudhry and Muhammad Hanif View
4 A Simple Approximation to the Lower Truncated Cumulative Normal Distribution Based on Mill's Ratio Mohammad M. Hamasha and Mohammad Al-Rabayah View
5 The Modified Exponential Distribution with Applications Mahdi Rasekhi, Morad Alizadeh, Emrah Altun, G.G. Hamedani, Ahmed Z. Afify and Munir Ahmad View
6 On Solution of Nonlinear Models: A Hybrid Algorithm of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and Artificial Showering Algorithm M. Luqman, M. Saeed and Javaid Ali View

Vol. 33, July 2017, No. 4
1 Step Stress Partially Accelerated Life Testing Plan for Competing Risk using Adaptive Type-I Progressive Hybrid Censoring Showkat Ahmad Lone, Ahmadur Rahman and Arif-ul-Islam View
2 Bayesian Analysis of Restricted Random Censorship Model with Burr Type XII Distribution Muhammad Yameen Danish and Muhammad Aslam View
3 Non-Directional Two-Dimensional Neighbor Designs Naqvi Hamad and Muhammad Hanif View
4 Modified Class of Ratio and Regression Type Estimators for Imputing Scrambling Response Muhammad Umair Sohail, Javid Shabbir and Shakeel Ahmed View
5 The Performances of Two Diagnostics Tests: Mcnemar and Newcombe Graphical Approach Mustafa Agah Tekindal, Can Ate?, Ozlem Gullu Kaymaz and Yasemin Yavuz View

Vol. 33, May 2017, No. 3
1 The Exponentiated Inverse Weibull Geometric Distribution Younshik Chung, Dipak K. Dey and Myoungjin Jung View
2 Kurtosis of the Sample Mean and the Sample Centroid and its Limiting Values Ampalavanar Nanthakumar View
3 Application of Multiple Comparison Procedures on an Individual's Innovative Behavior Samiah Ahmed, Alia Ahmed and Munir Ahmad View
4 Construction of Hyper Graeco Latin Sudoku Square Design Sundus Hussain, Sareer Badshah and Sher Aslam View
5 An Efficient and High Breakdown Estimation Procedure for Nonlinear Regression Models Dost M. Khan, Shumaila Ihtesham, Amjad Ali, Umair Khalil, Alamgir, Sajjad Ahmad Khan & Sadaf Manzoor View

Vol. 33, March 2017, No. 2
1 On a Multivariate Exponential Distribution Based on a D-vine Copula Samia A. Adham and Azza I. Alzahrani View
2 The Beta Weibull-G Family of Distributions: Theory, Characterizations and Applications Haitham M. Yousof, Mahdi Rasekhi, Ahmed Z. Afify, Indranil Ghosh, Morad Alizadeh and G.G. Hamedani View
3 On the Edgeworth Type Expansions for the Distribution of Extreme-Spacings Statistics Muhammad Naeem View
4 On Characterizations of Transmuted Geometric-G Family of Distributions G.G. Hamedani View
5 Performance of Some Biased Estimators in Misspecified Model under Mahalanobis Loss Function Gargi Tyagi and Shalini Chandra View

Vol. 33, January 2017, No. 1
1 Bootstrap Prediction Intervals for Time Series Models with Hetroscedastic Errors Amjad Ali, Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Alamgir, Umair Khalil and Dost Muhammad Khan View
2 Classical and Bayesian Inference of Pareto Distribution and Fuzzy Life Times Muhammad Shafiq View
3 On Generalized Alternative Hyper-Poisson Distribution Muhammad Shoaib, Zafar Iqbal and Munir Ahmad View
4 Inverted Kumaraswamy Distribution: Properties and Estimation A.M. Abd AL-Fattah, A.A. EL-Helbawy and G.R. AL-Dayian View
5 Effects of Additive Outliers on Asymmetric GARCH Models Abdul Raziq, Farhat Iqbal and Ghulam Hyder Talpur View

Vol. 32, November 2016, No. 6
1 A High Entropy Procedure for Unequal Probability Sampling Aftab Ahmad and Muhammad Hanif View
2 A Comparative Study of Three Improved Robust Regression Procedures Dost Muhammad Khan, Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Alamgir, Umair Khalil and Amjad Ali View
3 Cosmetic Calibration with Weighted Observations Naila Alam and Muhammad Hanif View
4 A Power Series Distribution Involving the Double Factorial Emilio Gomez-Deniz View
5 Efficient Classes of Ratio-Type Estimators of Population Mean Under Stratified Median Ranked Set Sampling Lakhkar Khan, Javid Shabbir and Cem Kadilar View
6 On the Posterior Distribution of Location Parameter of Log-Normal Distribution Akbar Ali Khan, Muhammad Aslam, Zawar Hussain, Alamgir Khalil and Muhammad Tahir View

Vol. 32, September 2016, No. 5
1 Skew-Generalized Inverse Weibull Distribution and Its Properties Mervat Mahdy and Basma Ahmed View
2 Bayesian Estimation of Exponentiated Pareto Distribution Kamran Abbas, Irshad Ahmed Arshad, Zamir Hussain and Khuram Shehzad Khan View
3 Individual Bioequivalence with Multivariate Approach Abdur Rasheed, Junaid Saghir Siddiqi and Tasneem Ahmad View
4 Estimation of a Population Mean of a Sensitive Variable in Stratified Two-Phase Sampling Nadia Mushtaq, Muhammad Noor-ul-Amin and Muhammad Hanif View
5 A reply to, "A Note on Regression Estimation with Unknown Population Size by Hidiroglou, Kim and Nambeu (2016)" Sarjinder Singh View

Vol. 32, July 2016, No. 4
1 New Unbiased Estimators with the Help of Hartley-Ross Type Estimators Hatice Oncel Cekim and Cem Kadilar View
2 On Double k-class Estimators with Multivariate t-errors Abdel Raheim Mohamed Abdel Raheim View
3 A New Approach for Extreme Values in Data Envelopment Analysis TA Naidoo, VSS Yadavalli and AGV Naidoo View
4 Beta Exponentiated Weibull Distribution (Its Shape and Other Salient Characteristics) Sharqa Hashmi and Ahmed Zogo Memon View

Vol. 32, May 2016, No. 3
1 Transmuted Gompertz Distribution: Properties and Estimation Muhammad Shuaib Khan, Robert King and Irene Lena Hudson View
2 The Transmuted Weibull-Pareto Distribution Ahmed Z. Afify, Haitham M. Yousof, Nadeem Shafique Butt and G.G. Hamedani View
3 Inequality Measures of Weighted Generalized Beta Distribution of the First Kind N. Nakhaei Rad and G.H. Yari View
4 Truncated Lindley Gamma Distribution W.A. Hassanein and T.A. Elhaddad View

Vol. 32, March 2016, No. 2
1 Inference for Multiple Linear Regression Model with Extended Skew Normal Errors A.A. Alhamide, K. Ibrahim and M.T. Alodat View
2 Comparison of Different Entropy Measures Sanku Dey, Sudhansu S. Maiti and Munir Ahmad View
3 A Statistical Model for Annotating Videos with Human Actions M.U.G. Khan, A. Nasir, O. Riaz, Y. Gotoh and M. Amiruddin View
4 Efficient Uk's Re-Descending M-Estimator for Robust Regression Umair Khalil, Alamgir, Amjad Ali, Dost Muhammad Khan, Sajjad Ahmad Khan and Fazli Qadir View
5 The Transmuted Geometric-G Family of Distributions: Theory and Applications Ahmed Z. Afify, Morad Alizadeh, Haitham M. Yousof, Gokarna Aryal and Munir Ahmad View

Vol. 32, January 2016, No. 1
1 Discrete Generalized Rayleigh Distribution M.H. Alamatsaz, S. Dey, T. Dey and S. Shams Harandi View
2 Improved Resampling Technique for the Choice of Stopping Criterion and Model Selection in Stepwise Logistic Regression Zafar Mahmoood, Salahuddin and Peter Salzman View
3 Mathematical Reflection Approach to Instrumental Variable Estimation Method for Simple Regression Model Anwar Saqr and Shahjahan Khan View
4 A Simulation Study of Some Sample Measures of Skewness I. H. Tajuddin View
5 Transmuted Exponentiated Pareto-I Distribution Anum Fatima and Ayesha Roohi View

Vol. 31, November 2015, No. 6
1 Hotelling Two Sample T2 Test For Complex Normal Distribution N.A. Abdullah, O.M. Rijal, Y.Z. Zubairi and Z.M. Isa View
2 Efficient Class of Exponential Estimators for Population Mean in Two-Stage Cluster Sampling Riffat Jabeen, Aamir Sanaullah and Muhammad Hanif View
3 Modified Burr III Distribution, Properties and Applications Azeem Ali, Syed Anwer Hasnain and Munir Ahmad View
4 Statistical Evaluation, Measuring and Managing Poverty in Rural Pakistan Nadeem Iqbal and Muhammad Ramzan Akhtar View
5 Mathematical Model of Dengue Fever and its Sensitivity Analysis Tarig Mohamed Ali, Mohamad Faisal Abd Karim and Anton Abdulbasah Kamil View

Vol. 31, September 2015, No. 5
1 The Beta Quadratic Hazard Rate Distribution Faton Merovci and Ibrahim Elbatal View
2 Variable Selection in Joint Means and Variance Models of the Pareto Distribution Ying Dong, Lixin Song, Muhammad Amin and Xinyong Shi View
3 The Performance of Robust-Diagnostic F in the Identification of Multiple High Leverage Points Habshah Midi and Nor Mazlina Abu Bakar View
4 On Application of Fractional Calculus: Exact and Approximate Solutions for Drying and Wetting of Rivers Rabha W. Ibrahim, Hamid A. Jalab, Nurul Fazmidar M. Noor, Mohamad Nizam Ayub, Abdullah Gani and Pari View
5 A Mathematical Analysis of the Effects of Control of Plasmodium Knowlesi Malaria Mohammed Baba Abdullahi, Yahya Abu Hasan and Farah Aini Abdullah View
6 Cluster-based Multivariate Regression Hong Choon Ong and Ekele Alih View
7 A Weighted Multi-Criteria Distribution Model for Student Enrollment into Academic Programmes Nasruddin Hassan View
8 Forecasting the Total Fertility Rate in Malaysia Mahendran Shitan and Yung Lerd Ng View
9 Image Segmentation based on Fractional non-Markov Poisson Stochastic Process Norshaliza Kamaruddin, Nor Aniza Abdullah and Rabha W. Ibrahim View
10 A Multivariate Toda-Yamamoto Analysis: The Long-Run Nexus between Industrial Efficiency and Disaggregated Energy Consumption Hasanul Banna, Md. Saifur Rahman, Rubi Ahmad, Eric H.Y. Koh and Muhammad Mehedi Masud View
11 A Uni-Variate and Multivariate Non-Parametric Analysis: Distinction between Conventional Banks and Islamic Banks in Credit Risk Management Processes Abu Hanifa Md. Noman, Chan Sok Gee, Che Ruhana Isa and Karim Bux Shah Sayed View
12 Geometric Properties of Fractional Diffusion Equation of the Probability Density Function in A Complex Domain Rabha W. Ibrahim, Hiba F. Al-Janaby and M.Z. Ahmad View
13 On the Linkages between Exchange Rate, Inflation and Interest Rate in Malaysia: Evidence from Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modeling Ijaz-ur-Rehman and Muhammad Aftab View
14 Approximate Equivalence based on Symbolic Computation and Numerical Calculation for Linear Algebra Transition Systems Zhiwei Zhang, Jinzhao Wu, Hongyan Tan, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf and Hao Yang View
15 Classical and Urgencies Assignment Methods in P-Median Problems with Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm M. Jalali Varnamkhasti and Nasruddin Hassan View
16 A New Classification of Sampling Estimators Naila Bashir and Munir Ahmad View
17 On Estimation of Population Mean in the Presence of Measurement Error and Non-Response Muhammad Azeem and Muhammad Hanif View

Vol. 31, July 2015, No. 4
1 A Class of Transformed Efficient Ratio Estimators of Finite Population Mean Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Hameed Ali, Sadaf Manzoor and Alamgir View
2 The Five Parameter Lindley Distribution Abdulhakim Al-Babtain, Ahmed M. Eid, A-Hadi N. Ahmed and Faton Merovci View
3 Simple Circular Regression Model Assuming Wrapped Cauchy Error Abuzaid, A.H. and Allahham, N.R. View
4 Variance Estimation in Two-Phase Sampling Raghunath Arnab, Sarjinder Singh, Antonio Arcos and Kago Kebotsamang View
5 Characterizations of Levy Distribution via Sub-Independence of the random variables and Truncated Moments G.G. Hamedani, M. Ahsanullah and S.M. Najibi View

Vol. 31, May 2015, No. 3
1 Resampling Method for the Data Adaptive Choice of Tuning Constant in Robust Regression Zafar Mahmoood and Salahuddin View
2 Generalized Estimators for Population Mean in the Presence of Non-Response for Two-Phase Sampling Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Hanif and Muhammad Qaiser Shahbaz View
3 Statistical Inference of Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model Haiyan Xuan, Shuaifeng Li and Muhammad Amin View
4 A Novel Resampling Method for Variable Selection in Robust Regression Zafar Mahmoood and Salahuddin View
5 A Robust Nonparametric Slope Estimation in Linear Functional Relationship Model A.A. Ghapor, Y.Z. Zubairi, A.S.M.A. Mamun and A.H.M.R. Imon View
6 Corrections on "Switching Generalized Order Statistics through Random Translation, Contraction and Dilation" Published in Pak. J. Statist., 2014 Vol. 30(2), 223-232 M. Masoom Ali and Imtiyaz A. Shah View

Vol. 31, March 2015, No. 2
1 On Characterization of Probability Distributions through Conditional Expectation of Generalized and Dual Generalized Order Statistics Zubdah-e-Noor, Zuber Akhter and Haseeb Athar View
2 Some Properties of Generalized Log Pearson Type VII Distribution Zafar Iqbal and Munir Ahmad View
3 On the Performance of Some Ridge Estimators in Partially Linear Models with Heteroskedastic and Autocorrelated Errors Gulin Tabakan and Asuman S. Turkmen View
4 Using Split-Questionnaire Design: An Empirical Analysis Alia Ahmed, Suleman Aziz Lodhi and Munir Ahmad View
5 Projecting the Population Age Distribution of Pakistan using Markov Chain Muhammad Zakria and Faqir Muhammad View
6 The Transmuted Exponential-Weibull Distribution with Applications Abdus Saboor, Mustafa Kamal and Munir Ahmad View
7 Parameter Estimation of Simultaneous Linear Functional Relationship Model for Circular Variables Assuming Equal Error Variances N.A. Mokhtar, Y.Z. Zubairi and A.G. Hussin View
8 On Exponentiated Moment Exponential Distribution Syed Anwer Hasnain, Zafar Iqbal and Munir Ahmad View

Vol. 31, January 2015, No. 1
1 Comparison of Sampling Distributions and Performances of Minitab and Freund & Perles Quartiles Sengul CANGUR, Ozge PASIN and Handan ANKARALI View
2 A Confluent Hypergeometric Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution Abdus Saboor, Serge B. Provost and Munir Ahmad View
3 Robust Centering in the Fixed Effect Panel Data Model Nor Mazlina Abu Bakar and Habshah Midi View
4 Combined Penalized Quantile Regression in High Dimensional Models Muhammad Amin, Lixin Song, Milton Abdul Thorlie and Xiaoguang Wang View
5 Generalized Exponential-Type Ratio-cum-Ratio and Product-cum-Product Estimators for Population Mean in the Presence of Non-Response under Stratified Two-Phase Random Sampling Aamir Sanaullah, Muhammad Noor-ul-Amin and Muhammad Hanif View
6 An Asymmetric Generalized FGM Copula and its Properties Bekrizadeh, H., Parham, G.A. and Zadkarami, M.R. View
7 Optimal Progressive Group-Censoring Plans for Chen Distribution under Cost Constraint Yunus Akdogan, Coskun KUS and Shuo-Jye Wu View
8 Mixed Model Approaches for Detecting Influential Observations in Genetic Data Analysis Yousaf Hayat, Jian Yang and Jun Zhu View
9 A two Heterogeneous Servers Perishable Inventory System of a Finite Population with One Unreliable Server and Repeated Attempts V.S.S. Yadavalli, N. Anbazhagan and K. Jeganathan View

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