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PJS Ethical and Integrity Standards

Pakistan Journal of Statistics expects highest ethical and integrity standards from its authors, editors, and reviewers, and discourages all sorts of malpractices.

Authors must ensure the following standards:
• Submit their original work.
• Must respect intellectual property rights and avoid verbatim copying, cut-pasting, or paraphrasing someone else’s work, or one’s own previously published work without citation.
• Must avoid unnecessary self-citation.
• The manuscript must not be under consideration elsewhere nor should it be published previously.
• The sources of data used must be acknowledged.
• The data used must not be fabricated or manipulated.
• The data must be available with the authors.
• All contributions and supporting literature must be acknowledged.
• Disclose if the research is funded and sponsors thereof along with any conflict of interest that might have influenced the results.
• Only significant contributors must claim authorship.
• Significant errors in published work related to data, results or conclusions must be notified immediately upon discovery.
• Studies involving humans or animals must conform to national or institutional laws.

Standards ought to be followed by Reviewers:
• Reviewers must refuse manuscripts that they feel are not related to their field of expertise.
• They must complete review within the stipulated time. They must inform the editors in case they are unable to fulfil their commitment.
• The review must be objective, with supporting arguments, and free of any personal bias or opinion.
• Reviewers must not take up a review if there is any conflict of interest.
• They must ensure that the sources of data are acknowledged.
• They must ensure that the arguments or statements in the article have been properly cited.
• Reviewers must ensure confidentiality of the manuscript and take care not to disclose any information related to the manuscript to anyone.
• Reviewers must not share the manuscript with anyone.

Ethical standards to be adopted by the Editors:
• Editors must be unbiased in their decision.
• The decision of editors must be based on manuscript’s intellectual contents and should be tainted due to race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, or political beliefs of the authors.
• Editors must ensure that plagiarism is checked before peer review of the manuscript.
• The evaluation must be based on peer review reports.
• Editors must ensure the confidentiality of the manuscript and the data used therein and not disclose or share any information except for with the corresponding author, editorial team, reviewers, and the publisher.
• Editors must not use unpublished data or materials from a submitted manuscript for any purpose whatsoever.